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There’s something about the riffs at the start of Monster that gets me. What is it? Its a subdued techy gravelly pulsate-y sound that just grabs my ears’ attention. It interrupts my ho-hum journey on the bus and makes me go, ‘Hey what’s this?’ Wish I could reproduce the sounds at home too.

And so our top 10 for the week will start with..

Monster by You Say Party! We Say Die!
You Can’t Have It All by Ash
No Answers by Aeon Spoke
Get Up And Get Out by The Rosebuds
Cold Hearted Business by Polytechnic
23 by Blonde Redhead
Why Won’t You? by The Roger Sisters
Robin Hood by The Rifles

and how could we not add…

ASOT 300 (Aly & Fila + Sean Tyas’ sets)

Can’t wait to get them into my ipod. We’re hunters, not gatherers.


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Silently by Blonde Redhead


Genre: Indie Rock/ Dream Pop

Kazu Makino, Simone and Amedeo Pace make up the indie band Blonde Redhead. Their sound’s a dreamy airy, almost eerie yet uplifting kind of music. Makino’s voice has a big part to play in this.

Every morning when I head off to work, Silently’s playing on my earphones. Its beautiful. <Silently, I wish to sail into your port.. I, the sailor. Quietly, I drop my weight into your sea.. I, drop my anchor. > The lyrics are almost poetic. I imagine its about how love that was never meant to be, as much as both would have tried and wanted it.

The melodic and almost quirky guitar riffs lend the song a drifty, misty feel. You know that feeling when you’re having a terrible day, lots of things weighing you down and yet, when you look out of the window, a little smudge of happiness just settles in your stomach somehow? Bittersweet.

<You’ll die a little in my arms, before you even taste my love.. I realise now.>

Ps: 23 from the same album is wonderful stuff too.

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This week we dig indie big time! We’ve got lonesome Fat Cat, twinkly Safe As Houses & Cheer Me Up Thank You’s contemplating in the fields of corn.. Blonde Redhead’s Silently’s been so run-ragged over the week, it shivers when I scroll onto it in my ipod.

Presenting the final 10…

Silently by Blonde Redhead
Fat Cat by The Rifles (Bonus Track from Narrow Minded Social Club)
George Romero by Sprites
Shivers (Rising Star Mix) by Armin Van Buuren
Cheer Me Up Thank You by New Buffalo
Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow by Franz Ferdinand
Juliet by Royal Wood
Orphans by Wooden Stars
Safe As Houses by Mew
Silver Dollar by Less Pain Forever

Even the humidity’s kewl when you’ve got great music. We’re the never-fail weathermen that the news station’s missing out on.

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Weekly-OMG-We’re-So-Digging-This-Shit Songs

A mix of genres will do you right. Ever wondered why indie bands always have such strange names/ song titles? Take Modest Mouse for example. Is a mouse ever modest? I doubt it, seriously. Mice squeak with pride.

Presenting our 10 fave songs of the week:

Proper Education by Eric Prydz Vs Pink Floyd
McFearless by Kings of Leon
Box by Tokyo Police Club
Video Killed The Radio Star by The Feeling
Love You More by The Hours
Ankh (Original Mix) by Aly & Fila
People As Places As People by Modest Mouse
La Ti Da by The Icicles
Fake Empire by The National
Lips Are Unhappy by Lucky Soul

Trust us, they’re good. We’re the classic imperialists, not wannabe democrats.

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Review: Lips Are Unhappy by Lucky Soul

Genre: Indie Pop

I’ve a confession to make. I, Mika, am in love with this song! Greenwich based lead Ali Howard ‘s saccharine sweet – almost fragile -voice is unbelievably catchy. You can run, you can hide, but that voice’s still gonna get to you.

Lips Are Unhappy’s a light, feel-good song about missing a somebody and even though her ‘lips are unhappy without you…’, we still feel so happy with the tambourines sashaying in the background and unique guitar rifts lifting the song past that ‘just pop’ genre into the ‘i didn’t know i could like pop!’ genre.

Tell me you won’t go ‘Shake Shake Shimmy Shimmy’ after listening to this song? Liar.

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Review: And I Found This Boy by Maia Hirasawa


Genre: Indie Twee

You can’t help it. This song just makes you smile. It grabs you by your stuffy old tie, swings you round the room and throws colourful confetti rice into the air. ‘Don’t say I’m desperate – I’m not!’ sings Maia Hirasawa, (you’d know her more as ‘the other girl’ from Saferide). Maybe it’s the twinkly tunes on the piano, maybe it’s the grandiose-sounding trumpets bellowing in the background, most certainly it has to be something about that breathy-scratchy-so-entrancey vocals that makes us go tap tapping along and joining in to the strains of, ‘And I found this boooyyy… He knew my friends from home!’

We found pensive treasure in ‘Gothenburg’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ too, both from the same album, Though I’m Just Me.

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The Headbangers (Late Sat Night – Early Sun Morning 3rd June 2007)

2230hrs – 0030hrs: LIVE mix by Juno (Progressive/Club House)

Juno presents… Introspection

0030hrs – 0145hrs: Chermy (Progressive House/Trance)

Leslie Chua aka Chermy presents… 4 AM In The Mix

1) Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Pablo Roma Bootleg)
2) DJ Tarkan & Dammex – In a Dream (Chris Conner mix)
3) V-Sag – Kittie In The House
4) V-Sag – 1951
5) Bluefish – Been Too Long (Kasey Taylor mix)
6) Ryan Sullivan – Walk Over
7) 16 bit Lolitas – Passing Lights
8) Matt Rowan & Jaytech – Tomorrow
9) Jaytech – Nexus
10) Sertac Kaya – Elusive

0145hrs-0250hrs: Nomsta* of Gooodness Soundsystem (House)

Nomsta* presents… Lights Off

1) Simon Lee & Raj Gupta – Azteca
2) Loudeast – Lights Off
3) Deeelite – Build The Bridge (Sampladelica)
4) Danny Tenaglia – Dibiza (Bring The Drums Back) (Kick Ass Mix)
5) John Creamer & Stephane K – I Wish You Were Here (16B Mix)
6) Story Time with Carlton Banks – Lust Und Liebe
7) DJ Yellow – Mosheeba
8) Tijuana – Groove Is In The Air (Moonface Mix)
9) DJ Gregory – Traffic (Faya Combo)
10) Silicone Soul – Have U Seen My Baby
11) Trey Smith – Concept Funk
12) Silicone Soul – The Answer

0250hrs – 0410hrs: Klanx (Electronica)

Klanx presents… Can I Cut In?

Can I Cut In?

(Image by Klanx)

Can I Cut In? – Electronic Music Up To The Millenium.

These days, the words “techno” and “electro” have a more definitive meaning, and with “electro” being the in thing, or at least that’s what we are being told, it seems timely to wind back the clock to a time when “electro” meant little more than just “electronic music”.

1) Welcome To Fight Club – Brad Pitt
2) Welcome to the Pleasuredome (“The first rule is…” Overedit) – Frankie goes to Hollywood
3) Nasty Rhythm (Sasha’s MFI Remix) – Creative Thieves
4) Elements – Danny Tenaglia
5) The DJ, The Music And Me (NS Man Overedit) – Peace Division
6) Dazed And Confused – Led Zeppelin
7) Ebeneezer Goode (Beatmasters Mix) – The Shamen
8) Good(e) life (Steve Silk Hurley mix) – Inner City
9) Open Up (SGP Service Overedit) – Leftfield
10) What Time Is Love (White label Breaks Remix) – The KLF
11) Koma – Interactive
12) Resistor – Yellow
13) Heroin – Billy Idol

0410hrs – 0550hrs: Chermy (Progressive House/Trance)

Cruise Control

1) Chab – My Memory (Romania Dub Remix)
2) Stan Kolev – Deeper (Shana Mix)
3) Cates, DPL – Downtime in a Hotel
4) Bjork – Hyperballad (Nick Gaela Four To The Floor Remix)
5) Akihiro – See
6) Pole Folder – Apollo Vibes (Young American Primitive’s Spacecraft Communicator Mix)
7) DJ Cinful – Wicked (Ben Brown Remix)
8) Tetraktys – Interstellar Overdrive
9) Thomas Penton – El Ritmo
10) Ryan Sullivan – Walk Over
11) Kenneth Thomas – The Orange Room (Nick Warren Remix)
12) Bjork – Aurora in June (Facundo Mohrr Remix)
13) Maetrik – Future Will Survive (Rene Breitbarth Remix)
14) Matthew Dekay – Digifruitella
15) Breeder – Sputnik (New York FM Remix)
16) Der Dritte Raum – Halle Bopp

0550hrs – 0600hrs: Filler Songs

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