Review: Sound Echo Location – Honeyroot

Genre: Ambient Electronica

When this music plays, everything in my room takes on an intangibly beautiful sheen. Suddenly its sunset at Café Del Mar, a salty breeze through my hair; Then it’s a sudden calm, resonating through a New York apartment, high above the bustle of traffic. Damn, if only life had ambient music playing in the background all the time.

Honeyroot is Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes, and Sound Echo Location is their first Just Music album, released in 2005. I’ve taken a particular liking to Track 06, Falling. It has a twinkly, dreamy quality, reminiscent of white flakes slowly drifting down a snow globe. Track 07, Sound Echo Location, comes in a close second for its unique driving sound and brave beats. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill. I’m happy with Track 05, State Of Mind, too.

Verdict? Makes a good companion for a quiet night.


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  1. 1

    Ganga said,

    Love reviews like that. Not so much technical stuff about this and that influence and technicalty. Just the “how is this music affecting me?” and where does it take me – if anywhere.
    Downbeat / Chill Out artist Ganga

  2. 2

    Yerba1 said,

    Ditto on Ganga…

    I just bought the CD – losing my mind has been in my rotation for a couple of years – and other reviewers cite other songs on the disc as +++ so right on. I have absolutely no interest in the background of how this genre of music is recorded – to me it’s audio dope! Cafe-del-mar, or some smooooooth smoke from before the “fill this cup” while I stand here a watch – days. Nice

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