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Review: Hold On Love – Azure Ray

Hold On Love – Azure Ray

Genre: Dream Pop

You’ll want to listen to this. Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink – the duo which make up Azure Ray – have beautifully poignant voices which gently carry you above the luminescent landscapes of Dream Pop, where tinkles of the piano and clean strums of the guitar mingle. The Drinks We Drank Last Night and Across The Ocean are some of the remarkable songs in Hold On Love which paints your morning with wispy clouds of calm.

Look To Me is my favourite in this 2003 album. Its sound reminiscent of a folk-song’s lament, it sings the tale of a broken family.

We make it home this place is a mess.. The smell of cologne mixed with all that we own.. Not much I must confess.

The song’s mourning for the family is so sweetly, yet brutally expressed.

A pity Azure Ray has since disbanded in 2004. However Fink and Taylor are still churning out their sounds, albeit on solo projects and other collaborations.


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Review: Rounds – Four Tet

Genre: Experimental / Folktronica

Released in 2003, Rounds presents a palette of sounds designed to satisfy the experimental music lovers out there, but yet not entirely alienating the occasional listener.

Experimental music is a niche genre, and its often perceived as just noise to non-listeners. However, Four Tet has managed to package and deliver songs that, in their entirety, seem palatable to people outside of this niche circle. Combining glitchy, staccato samples with twinkly-toe melodies, this album can be viewed as an entry album for people who are starting out in this genre.

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Review: Sound Echo Location – Honeyroot

Genre: Ambient Electronica

When this music plays, everything in my room takes on an intangibly beautiful sheen. Suddenly its sunset at Café Del Mar, a salty breeze through my hair; Then it’s a sudden calm, resonating through a New York apartment, high above the bustle of traffic. Damn, if only life had ambient music playing in the background all the time.

Honeyroot is Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes, and Sound Echo Location is their first Just Music album, released in 2005. I’ve taken a particular liking to Track 06, Falling. It has a twinkly, dreamy quality, reminiscent of white flakes slowly drifting down a snow globe. Track 07, Sound Echo Location, comes in a close second for its unique driving sound and brave beats. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill. I’m happy with Track 05, State Of Mind, too.

Verdict? Makes a good companion for a quiet night.

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Review: Code4109 – DJ Krush

Style: Fusion of jazz, hiphop, and triphop

So this album isn’t exactly the latest thing on the market, but hey, that doesn’t mean it should fade away right? Seeing as we’ve never actually reviewed it, and the fact that it still remains as one of our favourite albums thus far, we decided to take action and give credit where its due.

Essentially, this album is arranged like a mix. The songs flow from one to another, without an actual start and end to each song. Some like it (we love it!), some loathe it, its subjective. The album’s songs are remixed in some way, or are collaborations with other artistes. Hence, you can find old songs by DJ Krush presented in a different manner, somewhat of a re-hashing of old songs.

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Silently by Blonde Redhead


Genre: Indie Rock/ Dream Pop

Kazu Makino, Simone and Amedeo Pace make up the indie band Blonde Redhead. Their sound’s a dreamy airy, almost eerie yet uplifting kind of music. Makino’s voice has a big part to play in this.

Every morning when I head off to work, Silently’s playing on my earphones. Its beautiful. <Silently, I wish to sail into your port.. I, the sailor. Quietly, I drop my weight into your sea.. I, drop my anchor. > The lyrics are almost poetic. I imagine its about how love that was never meant to be, as much as both would have tried and wanted it.

The melodic and almost quirky guitar riffs lend the song a drifty, misty feel. You know that feeling when you’re having a terrible day, lots of things weighing you down and yet, when you look out of the window, a little smudge of happiness just settles in your stomach somehow? Bittersweet.

<You’ll die a little in my arms, before you even taste my love.. I realise now.>

Ps: 23 from the same album is wonderful stuff too.

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Review: Lips Are Unhappy by Lucky Soul

Genre: Indie Pop

I’ve a confession to make. I, Mika, am in love with this song! Greenwich based lead Ali Howard ‘s saccharine sweet – almost fragile -voice is unbelievably catchy. You can run, you can hide, but that voice’s still gonna get to you.

Lips Are Unhappy’s a light, feel-good song about missing a somebody and even though her ‘lips are unhappy without you…’, we still feel so happy with the tambourines sashaying in the background and unique guitar rifts lifting the song past that ‘just pop’ genre into the ‘i didn’t know i could like pop!’ genre.

Tell me you won’t go ‘Shake Shake Shimmy Shimmy’ after listening to this song? Liar.

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Review: And I Found This Boy by Maia Hirasawa


Genre: Indie Twee

You can’t help it. This song just makes you smile. It grabs you by your stuffy old tie, swings you round the room and throws colourful confetti rice into the air. ‘Don’t say I’m desperate – I’m not!’ sings Maia Hirasawa, (you’d know her more as ‘the other girl’ from Saferide). Maybe it’s the twinkly tunes on the piano, maybe it’s the grandiose-sounding trumpets bellowing in the background, most certainly it has to be something about that breathy-scratchy-so-entrancey vocals that makes us go tap tapping along and joining in to the strains of, ‘And I found this boooyyy… He knew my friends from home!’

We found pensive treasure in ‘Gothenburg’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ too, both from the same album, Though I’m Just Me.

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