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Update: Introducing… Speed Of Sound (SOS)

In addition to the eclectic mixtapes we have (Eclectica Mixtape), we are introducing another series of mixtapes for our listeners. Comprising of solely electronic sounds, each mix will consist of songs from a specific genre each week. These genres range from Chillout to Trance, to cater to the electricheads out there (that includes us!). The new series will be named Speed Of Sound aka SOS, and it will be released fortnightly. We will be uploading the 1st Speed Of Sound mix up shortly, at our MyPodCast website. Do check it out!


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Site Update

Just a minor update, we have added the mixtapes to the directory, you can visit it at In addition, we have added RSS feed links in the right column to facilitate listeners to subscribe to our mixtapes.

The first RSS is for the Eclectica Mixtapes. Simply click it and use iTunes, or any other media player capable of reading feeds, to download them. When we upload a new mixtape, they will be automatically downloaded for you in the future. Hopefully this will make it easier for listeners to grab the mixtapes off the web.

The second RSS is for this blog itself, Radio Eclectica. For the lazy ones out there who prefer to have updates automatically received.

Got feedback/comments on improvements? Let us know!
Email us:

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An Apology

The site hasn’t been updated in awhile, and the live listening link has been dead as well. Time and bandwidth issues have been troubling, coupled with Mika’s really tight schedule for the past year (medical students have it real tough), and my further foray into other interests has caused Radio Eclectica to fade away. For this, we sincerely apologise. There have been encouraging comments on what we’ve done when Radio Eclectica was active, and as such, we have decided to re-open Radio Eclectica, but with a different format.

The toll on my personal bandwidth while hosting the server for the live radio means that we probably can’t restart the live radio, and response was lukewarm at best. Hence, we’ve decided to do away with the radio section for the time being.

We will continue with the Weekly OMG song list, with the same concept that we’ve applied previously. Basically, we’ll post 10 songs, regardless of whether they’re old or new, across various genres, that we’ve been digging.

Reviews will be written, in the same manner as before. We will post links to electronic mixes done by local DJs, across all dance genres. This is, of course, dependent on the mixes that the DJs churn out, hence it won’t be a regular feature, but rather one when the mixes are available. Another feature we might add on are links to various budding producers, such as their MySpace links. Hopefully readers can check out their sites and listen to their productions.


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Weekly OMG-We’re-So-Digging-This-Shit Songs + Mini Update

Old or new, these are the 10 tracks we absolutely love this week, over all genres.

In no particular order,

Non Verbal Language – 16 Bit Lolitas
Signs (Jody Wisternoff Remix) – Ikon
Jumbo (Conceptual & Punkrok Remix) – Underworld
Sunday 1 AM – John O’Callaghan
People As Places As People – Modest Mouse
Natural Think – Nu NRG
Iron And Wine – The Postal Service
Smoke & Mirrors – RJD2
Passing By – Zero 7
Ever Fallen In Love – Nouvelle Vague

Mini Update:

Exams kick off next week for me, and Mika is busy trying to find a job for the holidays.
We will be featuring mixes from The Gooodness Soundsystem, who play an eclectic mixture of house music. Definitely befitting for a station called Radio Eclectica, do check out their website right over here. Do stay tuned for more updates and the return of The Headbangers at the start of June. If you have any comments whatsoever, feel free to leave them here or email us direct at That’s all for now!

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Tranquility Sessions Friday Special

Due to the absence of The Headbangers, we decided to make it up to our listeners and play out a 4-hr long journey down the chill deep vibes of Lounge and Deep House, mixed by DJ Chermy and Guray003. Ending it is a progressive set by DJ Chermy as well. Enjoy!

Blue Chilled Singapore, photo courtesy of Anant
Photo Courtesy of Anant Shiva

Friday 27 Apr 2007

2200-2230hrs: Lounge Mix (DJ Chermy)

2230-2300hrs: Lounge/House (Guray003)

2300-2325hrs: Deep House Pt. 1 (Guray003)

2325-0000hrs: Deep House Pt. 2 (Guray003)

0000-0025hrs: Deep House Pt. 3 (Guray003)

1. Franck Roger – There Was A Child
2. Change – Halo ft. Mr V
3. Keep It Going – Charles Spencer ft. Tonee Green
4. Ministry Of Love – Pure Orange

0025-0210hrs: Cruise Control (DJ Chermy)

1. Chab – My Memory (Romania dub)
2. Stan Kolev – Deeper (Shana mix)
3. Cates, DPL – Downtime in a Hotel
4. Bjork – Hyperballad (Nick Gaela four to the floor)
5. Akihiro – See
6. Pole Folder – Apollo Vibes (Young American Primitive’s Spacecraft communicator mix)
7. DJ Cinful – Wicked (Ben Brown mix)
8. Tetraktys – Interstellar Overdrive
9. Thomas Penton – El Ritmo
10. Ryan Sullivan – Walk Over
11. Kenneth Thomas – The Orange Room (Nick Warren mix)
12. Bjork – Aurora in June (Facundo Mohrr mix)
13. Maetrik – Future Will Survive (Rene Breitbarth mix)
14. Matthew Dekay – Digifruitella
15. Breeder – Sputnik (New York FM)
16. Der Dritte Raum – Halle Bopp

Once again, a big thank you to both Guray003 and Chermy for their mixes! Do check their websites for more info (under “Mates”, on the column to your right)!

The regular Tranquility Sessions will continue right after this special, all the way till 6am Saturday morning. Normal schedule resumes thereafter.

*Timings are a rough estimation.

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Local Music Productions

We have added 3 songs (for a start) produced by local budding producers to our playlists!
They can be heard throughout the day in both The Melting Pot and Tranquility Sessions.

WildMaw (The Lesser Mix) – Chgn & Dekoyan
Flashbacks – Leslie Chua
Frankie Wilde – Leslie Chua

Do check out their websites to sample/download their tracks!

Chgn aka Roy Chan

Leslie Chua aka DJ Chermy

On a side note, do stay tuned as we bring to you Deep House/Lounge sets mixed by Guray003 as well as DJ Chermy, coming to you this Friday on Tranquility Sessions (The Headbangers postponed to a later date as we’re swamped with exams & work currently, as mentioned earlier). More details coming soon!

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Temporary Change To Weekend Schedule

The Headbangers will not be on this weekend as there simply is no time for us to put up the show due to exams. It will be back soon, we promise!

Weekends will continue using the normal weekday schedule for now.

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