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Review: Hold On Love – Azure Ray

Hold On Love – Azure Ray

Genre: Dream Pop

You’ll want to listen to this. Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink – the duo which make up Azure Ray – have beautifully poignant voices which gently carry you above the luminescent landscapes of Dream Pop, where tinkles of the piano and clean strums of the guitar mingle. The Drinks We Drank Last Night and Across The Ocean are some of the remarkable songs in Hold On Love which paints your morning with wispy clouds of calm.

Look To Me is my favourite in this 2003 album. Its sound reminiscent of a folk-song’s lament, it sings the tale of a broken family.

We make it home this place is a mess.. The smell of cologne mixed with all that we own.. Not much I must confess.

The song’s mourning for the family is so sweetly, yet brutally expressed.

A pity Azure Ray has since disbanded in 2004. However Fink and Taylor are still churning out their sounds, albeit on solo projects and other collaborations.


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